Iconbit’s E-Bike K7 will save you from commuter rage

It folds up and it's electric. What more could you want?
12 October 2018 / 16:19BST

Next time you see someone with a full-size bike taking up space on a busy train, ask them if they also take their car on the bus. When they inevitably say no and look at you like you’re totally insane, show them this: Iconbit’s E-Bike K7. Not only does it fold up, saving its owner from the icy stares and barely disguised tuts of their fellow commuters, but it’s also electric, with a 240-watt brushless motor that means it’ll hit a maximum speed of 25km/h. Made from lightweight aluminium, with 12in alloy wheels and disc brakes both front and rear, the K7 will set you back around €849.

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