This Hummingbird folding bike won’t put your back out

Lightweight cycling designed by Prodrive
12 July 2017 / 16:31BST

Hopping on a train with a full-size bike is a one-way ticket to angry stares and passive aggression. Thing is, your average folding cycle is a more-than-hefty lump of chains and hinged metal. Not this carbon fibre number, though. Engineered by motorsport experts Prodrive (you know, the team behind Aston Martin’s recent Le Mans win?), it’s a hand-built bike that hits the scales at just 6.9KG. Sure, that’ll still need a bit of strength to get up the stairs, but it beats pulling a muscle as you dash for the 18.54 with your old collapsible. Heading for production shortly, it’s available as a fixie (£3,495) or a four-speed (£3,745) for added hill support.

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