The eBussy is a modular EV that can become the pickup, van, or camper of your dreams

More than meets the eye
29 July 2020 / 14:14BST

German company ElectricBrands is working on a quirky modular electric vehicle that can be transformed to suit the needs of owners. It's called the eBussy, and it can be adapted into 10 unique variants ranging from a camper van and bus to a station wagon and off-road tipper. Each design is powered by a 10kWh battery that delivers around 200km of range, although those numbers can be pushed upwards with the help of solar modules and recuperating drives. The sleek EV also features all-wheel drive, digital exterior mirrors, and an app-controlled communication system. It can even carry up to 1000kg of materials despite its dimninutive disposition, which is ideal considering owners will be slapping a load of blocky modulars on the back. ElectricBrands reckons the eBussy will arrive in 2021 for prices ranging from €15,000 to €28,800, depending on which model catches your eye.

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