Canoo's new fully-electric pickup can haul 1800lbs for over 200 miles

The haul nine yards
11 March 2021 / 11:38GMT

Canoo's fully-electric pick-up feels like the antithesis of Tesla's unashamedly angular Cybertruck. The jagged, low-poly chassis favoured by Tesla has been snubbed in favour of yawning curves and rounded corners that hark towards a friendlier future. The company says the EV is designed to be "exponentially more productive" than its rivals, but is still capable of going toe-to-toe with "the toughest trucks out there." Practically speaking, the pick-up features a huge amount of storage, including a 6ft long modular truck bed that can be extended to a fully enclosed 8ft, a front cargo storage area for holding tools and gear (complete with electrical outlets), and flip-down side tables built into either side of the truck. All of that translates to a payload capacity of 1800lbs, but you needn't worry about weighing the plucky pick-up down. Prospective buyers will be able to choose between dual or rear motor configurations, the former of which offers up to 600hp and 550lb-ft of torque. Throw a battery with a range of over 200 miles into the mix, and you've got a pick-up that should be capable of hauling just about whatever you can throw at it. Lumberjack shirt and mullet optional. 

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