Cannondale is looking to conquer the slopes with new mountain e-bike range

Easy rider
23 July 2019 / 12:48BST

Cannondale has launched two new e-bikes designed to conquer the hardiest mountain trails on this gigantic rock we call Earth. The Moterra and Habit NEO have been built to bring "exceptional handling and serious capacity" to every kind of trail. The Moterra has specifically be tailored for more rugged descents and technical climbs, while the Habit is best suited to fast, flowy single tracks. Most of the e-bikes we've encountered so far have been built for the city, so it's nice to see Cannondale remembering that some cyclists have more of a penchant for the great outdoors. Both bikes are available in a variety of models, with the cheapest Moterra retailing for £3,699 and most affordable Habit NEO costing £3,999.

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