Avionics’ V1 electric bike goes like a rocket

Old-fashioned looks hide new-fashioned tech
20 July 2017 / 17:15BST

In the hugely underrated British sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart, Nicholas Lyndhurst’s Gary Sparrow took advantage of a wormhole to go back in time to World War 2 and cheat on his wife. Not as funny when you put it like that, is it? Instead of adultery, Avionics seem to have used the same portal to bring back an old-timey motorbike and fit it with a set of pedals, a 5000-watt brushless motor and a 24-Ah lithium-ion battery that’ll keep it running for up to 75 miles of power-assisted cycling, at speeds of up to 36mph. Handy if there’s someone you need to get away from sharpish, eh, Gary?

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