The AM1 electric bike takes the reins when you’d rather not

A get-out-of-jail free card for the tired commuter
28 June 2018 / 16:29BST

Ever been slogging away on a bike only to get nowhere? Legs burning, body sweating, and miles still left to cover? If only there existed a bike that could take over for you when you’d had enough, and propel you onwards to your destination. Well, it's your lucky day, chum. Analog Motion’s AM1 electric bike (from £599) is exactly that. What's particularly striking is that the AM1 sports a lightweight frame, weighing just 13.5 kg. It might be electric, but it doesn't look it, so you can easily kid people with your pretend athleticism. The motor gives you a boost when you really need it; sensors in the pedals deliver smooth, controlled power in accordance with your speed of pedalling, so that you’re always in control. With a 20 mile battery, even the longer commutes should be covered by the AM1, and allow you to get to work much faster, way less sweaty, and feeling like a champ.

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