Pivo is an interactive smartphone pod for shooting amazing panoramas and tracking shots

Do the twist
30 November 2018 / 17:49GMT

The best camera is the one you have on you – we all know that. But so is the best stand. And it turns out your own stands – as in, hands – are rubbish for pro tracking shots and seamless panoramas. Enter: Pivo ($79). Shove your smartphone into this dinky interactive pod (149g; 63mm across; 10-hour charge), fire up the app (Android/iOS), and you immediately gain access to a wealth of creative options. Pivo can have your phone track movement – your own or anything from moonwalking shoes to puppets. And ‘Quick Create’ modes provide timelapses with movement, flawless panoramas, tiny planets, videos that switch between two subjects, and those vitally important ’ManyMe’ shots when you just have to recreate Abbey Road’s cover every time you’re near a zebra crossing.