ORBI Marine is a pair of shades that records 360-degree immersive video

The eyes have it
30 September 2019 / 9:21BST

Video is often about wanting to capture special moments that can be shared. However, during more extreme shooting sessions – surfing; sports; deciding you’re now a parkour expert and leaping like a loon through London – holding a smartphone aloft isn’t going to cut it. Hence: ORBI Marine ($274). This pair of snazzy specs has a full recording set-up inside, and therefore captures what you see. This immersive first-person footage is subsequently squirted to your phone, whereupon automatic editing gets to work, cutting a miniature masterpiece you can show off to the world. Not so much just a hands-free solution, then, as effort-free; well, apart from the bit where you have to hurl yourself down a mountainside (or similar), to get that amazing footage in the first place.