OKO is a two-eye smartphone viewfinder you wear like binoculars to shoot smarter snaps and video

Full immersion
07 August 2018 / 12:03BST

As smartphone form factors trend towards wafer-thin slabs of glass and metal, they’re more ‘slippy and wobbly’ than ‘strong and stable’ when you’re shooting pics and video. OKO (from $49) gives you a firmer grip, eradicates reflections and more fully immerses you in the scene you’re shooting. This all happens by popping your phone (4.7-inch or bigger) into a silicone enclosure attached to something akin to binoculars or a View-Master. Multiple touch points make for smooth panning and tilting when recording video. And with your field of vision filled by what you’re phone sees, you’re no longer distracted by your surroundings when taking snaps. Just don’t fall down the stairs when lining up that perfect shot.