Lacoste and Polaroid release a limited edition 600 Polaroid Camera to foster a bold, colourful and fun future

Love at first bite
29 March 2021 / 11:51BST

We don’t know what attracted Polaroid to Lacoste or vice versa - perhaps the crocodile caught sight of the classic 600 Polaroid camera right after a snap! and found some common ground. Sorry. Anyway, now they seem to do everything together and have become one, culminating in the form of the classic 600 Polaroid camera (£135), which borrows branding from the french fashion brand. The result is this cute boxy robot head, which is a fully functioning instant camera that munches on an expensive diet of 600 film. It doesn’t end there, as like all good romances, it works both ways. Lacoste’s spring collection is inspired by the bold rainbow colours of Polaroid and we’re particularly intrigued by the unisex trackies emblazoned with images of polaroid photographs. The fashion campaign, by Simon Schmitt, was of course shot on a Polaroid 600. And if you’re sick of this love story, you probably won’t care that there’s also a Lacoste x Polaroid instagram filter