GoPro's Hero6 Black captures your wipeouts in even more glorious 4K

Better framerates for smoother involuntary dismounts
28 September 2017 / 17:48BST

Action cams have been a little overshadowed by their flying cousins, the drones, in recent times. But here to grab back some of the limelight is GoPro’s highly evolved Hero6 Black (£499,, its new flagship crash-cam. This Hero5 successor can now capture 4K at a buttery smooth 60fps and 1080p at an impressive 240fps, making it perfect for your slow-mo highlight reels. That’s twice the rate of your mate’s Hero5 Black. With improved image stabilisation and a new GoPro-made processor keeping the action cam running as slickly as its footage, other cams will have a tough job trying to muscle it off your handlebars.


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