Embrace your inner photography purist with Leica’s screen-free M10-D

Time to get back to basics?
25 October 2018 / 16:20BST

With the daily deluge of digital photography that swamps our social media feeds, and the ease with which we can contribute to it, it’s tempting to fall victim to digital fatigue – to yearn, perhaps, for a simpler time when photos were captured on film, and we had to wait days, weeks or months to actually see the fruits of our shutterbuggery. Leica feels that pain, man, and has responded with the M10-D (£6,500, available now), a variation of its beloved rangefinder digital camera with no rear LCD screen. Described by its makers as “digital heart, analogue soul”, the 24MP full-frame M10-D also sports old-school buttons, dials and a faux film advance lever, which in the year 2018 is basically just a place to rest your thumb. You won’t have to wait until you get home to see your shots, though: flicking a switch will turn on Wi-Fi, pairing the camera to your smartphone and allowing you to browse its contents on Leica’s FOTOS app.