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Leica’s limited-edition M10-P Reporter is covered in Kevlar

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It used to be easy to spot a reporter. If it wasn’t the press pass tucked into their trilby or the notebook permanently clutched in their sweaty paw, the camera slung round their neck was always a dead giveaway. Of course, these days a journo can do everything on their phone, but any wannabe Cartier-Bressons out there might be tempted by Leica’s new M10-P Reporter (£7100), which is limited to just 450 units worldwide. With a 24MP CMOS sensor in a 24x36mm format, 3in touchscreen, ISO that tops out at 50,000, and a whisper–quiet shutter, its specs are identical to the standard M10-P, but we’re particularly taken by the chunky strap, scratch-resistant green paint job and Kevlar trim. That should make it that little bit better at withstanding the rough and tumble of life slung around a snooper’s neck, plus it’ll gradually turn the same colour as its top and base plates through exposure to sunlight, so eventually it’ll look like a camera with some real stories to tell. The irony is, of course, that anyone on a journalist’s salary would never be able to afford one.