Air Pix is a pocket-sized miniature drone camera for snapping selfies and HD video

Snap it up
19 June 2019 / 10:00BST

When you want that perfect selfie, you don’t want to strain your arm to get your snapper a decent distance from your face. What you need is Air Pix ($79), an adorably tiny camera drone that weighs just 52g. The diddy device has single-touch controls – one prod and it’s in the air, capturing the moment, and instantly making jealous all those luddites still using selfie sticks. But there’s more! Along with 12MP pics, Air Pix captures HD video, making use of its ‘Smooth Air’ stabilisation smarts. And when you need more control, you can use gestures or an in-app joystick, all the while live-streaming as the flying wonder tracks your beautiful visage. Just be mindful to keep those bouts of narcissism short – Air Pix’s diminutive form means it’ll fit in your pocket, but only stay aloft for about six minutes before needing a recharge.