Wake up at 100% with KitSound’s wireless-charging alarm clock

Because your phone needs to recharge when you do
17 October 2018 / 10:40BST

Got a phone with wireless charging and fancy saving some space on your bedside table? Have a butchers at KitSound’s XDock Qi (£69.99, due November). It’s a standard alarm clock with FM radio, Bluetooth and a passive bass radiator so you don’t snooze straight through, but it also includes a speedy 10-watt wireless charging plinth that holds your phone upright, meaning you can still see who’s WhatsApping you while it’s re-energising and, if it’s got face recognition, easily access it without having to pick it up. It works in landscape too, so you can even catch up on Bake Off before bed without worrying your battery’s going to run out. It’s almost enough to make you want an early night.