Voiz wants to reinvent radio by merging ’60s style and Alexa voice commands

Make your Voiz heard
02 July 2019 / 15:30BST

You may fondly remember your time with radio, but not so much finding stations by laboriously thumbing dials. Voiz (from $149) wants to shake up radio by giving you the best of classic and modern eras. First, the classic: this is a radio designed with a luxury feel in mind – its bamboo, cloth and metal features combine to create a retro object that looks smart, rather than cold and overtly techie. But it’s smart in other ways, too. With Alexa baked in, you can use your voice to bark at your Voiz and get at favourite stations. It’ll also stream from Amazon, Spotify, TuneIn, and more. And if none of that is quite enough to scratch your retro itch, you can use the aux input to connect an old record player, spin up some vinyl, and party like it’s 1969.