The Urbanista Miami keep on playing 'till the break of dawn (and then some)

We're not going to Miami, but Miami is coming to us
05 January 2021 / 16:24GMT

Active noise cancelling headphones can be ludicrously expensive – see Apple’s AirPods Max – so it’s good to see Urbanista going the other way and offering its noise blocking Miami cans for an affordable price (£129). Offering up to 50 hours non-stop playtime and 40 hours with Active Noise Cancelling they’re good enough for a flight to New Zealand with power to spare (chance would be a fine thing), plus an ambient sound mode to filter in important outside noise without completely ruining that all important Phil Collins drum solo – even if cabin crew might be a little perturbed by your flailing arms during the safety briefing. Packing Bluetooth 5.0, aux, airline and USB-C connections they seem like a sound investment.