SoundMagic’s true wireless TWS50 won’t ask you to shell out

At least not much
11 February 2020 / 11:24GMT

SoundMagic is an expert in making headphones that sound much better than their price tags would suggest – and at £79 we’re pretty confident the company’s first pair of true wireless buds will follow that trend. With Bluetooth 5.0, IPX7 waterproofing and 30 hours of battery life in the clamshell-inspired charging case, the TWS50s certainly don’t seem like the budget option. As well as touch-sensitive controls and a display on the outside to show how much life is left in them, they come with Dual Listening mode, which means you can connect each one to a different source. Well with so many great podcasts out there at the moment and only so many hours in the day, who has time to only listen to one at a time?