Sound takes flight with Libratone’s Bird Bluetooth speaker

Feeling chirpy
18 February 2020 / 12:48GMT

Birthdays are usually celebrated with a fancy meal or by accepting too many free drinks in the pub. Not Libratone’s. In honour of the Danish audio brand’s 10th birthday, it’s decided to gift itself a wireless Bluetooth speaker shaped like a little bird. Based on the company’s logo, the Bird speaker weighs in at a very portable 145g and features touch controls. It’s also compatible with voice assistants, so you can add a bird to the growing list of things Alexa lives inside. It’ll last for 10 hours between charges and can be paired with another Bird to form a decidedly less annoying duo than the two crows that meet up for a chat just outside your bedroom window each morning. There’s a magnetic base for easy perching on a metallic surface, while an optional holder acts as a permanent nest for the flappy little dude. The £59 Bird is available to buy now.