Sound takes centre stage for all-new, fluffier Amazon Echo

Alexa gets wrapped in fabric for the first time
27 September 2017 / 20:19BST

Smaller, sleeker, and a heckuva lot better sounding - that's the idea behind Amazon's all-new Echo speaker. It might have shrunk, but Amazon has found room inside for a dedicated bass tweeter, which should give your tunes some much needed extra oomph. Got a couple dotted around the house? Just say "Alexa, play XXX everywhere" and every speaker will spring into life, multi-room style. Amazon'll even knock £50 off if you buy three at once. Design-wise, the new Echo looks a lot like the old one, just a bit stubbier - but that's only if you opt for the plastic case. It'll launch with a load of different customisable shells, including wood and fabric, that will let it better match your furniture. Pre-orders open today: you'll be able to bag one for £89, and by the time it arrives on October 31, Amazon should have flipped the switch on Echo messaging and calling in the UK too. Nice one, Alexa.


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