Sony’s SRS-RA5000 speaker works like an audio fountain

Sound, geyser
08 January 2021 / 16:44GMT

If you wanted to thoroughly cover your lounge in yoghurt, you could do a lot worse than sticking a dairy fountain in the middle of the room and turning it up to 11. Sony’s latest wireless speaker takes the same approach to sound but makes a lot less mess. The SRS-RA5000 (£500) has seven drivers in total, but three of them fire audio upwards and three face outwards, with a 70mm woofer to handle the rumbles. Combined with Sony’s new Immersive Audio Enhancement algorithm it creates a fountain of room-filling sound, with an Auto Volume mode that ensures you don’t have to keep adjusting it to cater for differences in how tracks are mastered. With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on board it supports Spotify Connect and Chromecast, with Alexa and Google Assistant looking after the voice control. If you’re not looking to fill quite so many nooks and crannies, Sony also unveiled the smaller and cheaper SRS-RA300 (£280), which includes a full-range 80mm speaker with two beam tweeters and a dual passive radiator. It includes the same room-filling tech and supports the same sources but it’s also humidity resistant, so you can even put it in the bathroom. Handy for keeping yourself entertained while you wash off all that yoghurt.