The punchy Subsequent 25 is Moog's most compact keyboard synth ever

I like the way you Moog
17 January 2020 / 13:20GMT

Moog has unveiled a new synth. Those six words should be enough to get most musicians excited, and when you get a load of the new Moog Subsequent 25 (£859) you’ll understand why. The gorgeous machine is a 2-note paraphonic analog synthesiser designed with portability in mind, and is actually Moog’s smallest keyboard synthesiser to-date. Despite being relatively compact the glorious music box still packs a punch, and features 3 Oscillators that can be stacked in Unison Mode for wall-rattling bass or used in Duo Mode to play two different notes at once. It also packs 4 onboard CV inputs so users can integrate the Sub 25 with other voltage controlled analog gear, alongside a Mixer Section, Ladder Filter, and Multidrive circuit that can produce a wide range of classic tones as well as some distinctly modern sounds. As if that wasn’t tantalising enough, there’s also full MIDI implementation, preset patches for creatives who can’t wait to get going, and a knob-per-function front panel for those of you who love twiddling.