PocketDrum is a set of Bluetooth drumsticks that lets you craft a beat out of thin air

March to a different beat
12 September 2019 / 11:14BST

Air drumming’s all very well, but you’re either miming to a song blasting out of some speakers, or making horrible spitty drum noises with your mouth. So get yourself a PocketDrum (from £56) set instead. These Bluetooth-enabled drumsticks give you the closest thing to a real drumming experience short of you having access to actual drums. They link to an app on your phone (AeroBand or Apple’s GarageBand), and use spatial awareness and haptics to make it feel like you’re playing the real thing. Not keen on using a stick rather than your foot for the bass drum? No problem: grab the ‘Classic Set’ (£97) and you’ll get a PocketGuitar as well. This Bluetooth-enabled guitar clip can be attached to your shoe – and is also suitable for going all Hendrix when you tire of laying down beats and fancy partaking in a spot of next-gen air guitar instead.