The McIntosh MCD85 is a premium player that’ll make your CDs shine

It’s got knobs on
18 February 2021 / 16:15GMT

Want to prove your love for CDs to the entire world? Shove them into a McIntosh MCD85 (£4,995; available March). Designed to work alongside the MC830 Solid State Amplifier and C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier, the hand-built MCD85 has a metal frame, mirror finish and chunky knobs that make you think of classic radios. Or an oven. A really premium oven. Either way, we want one. In fact, we want one even more on digging into the specs. This SACD/CD player has a 2× read speed and buffer memory for error correction and tracking, and handling is said to be smooth and quiet. A twin-laser optical pick-up ensures optimum playback regardless of shiny disc type. And around back are inputs, including optical, coaxial and USB, so you can plug in all manner of devices. The internal DAC makes short work of converting anything up to DSD256 and DXD 384 kHz high-res audio into audio bliss for your ears – even when listening to Phil Collins.