The Little British Monitor MKII is a desktop active Bluetooth-enabled speaker you can build yourself

Craft work
07 December 2018 / 14:48GMT

As they say, good things come in small packages – and at just 12x12x20cm, the Little British Monitor MKII (from £299) is quite dinky as active speakers go. But this hand-made beauty packs a punch: you get power to the tune of 4x50W, Bluetooth support, and the kind of ‘transmission line’ bass porting that’s usually only found in pricier systems. Not enough? Well, how about a bunch of connectors, stainless steel backplates for rigidity, a ‘Little Feet’ damping stand that makes LBM II resemble an adorable music robot, and the option to assemble and personalise the entire thing yourself by way of a DIY kit? If that lot’s not music to your ears, we’re pretty sure there’s no way of satisfying you.