Libratone’s nattily dressed Zipp 2 speakers come with Alexa and AirPlay 2 baked right in

Give it some Zipp
29 August 2018 / 10:53BST

Libratone’s Zipp speaker design won people over with its character as much as anything, what with the distinctive zip and easily swappable covers. But the Zipp 2 (£279) and Zipp Mini 2 (£229), bring vital new functionality to the line, with the hope of baking Zipps into smart home set-ups. There’s Alexa integration, so you can bellow at your speaker to make it play things, and AirPlay 2 support to suck a Zipp 2 into an iOS-driven multi-room sound environment. They’re also equipped with Libratone’s 360 FullRoom sound, for hearing rich audio regardless of where your speaker – and you – happen to be positioned. Want Stuff to zip it, and just tell you when you can grab one? You’ve got until October to save your pennies.