Jam’s wireless in-ears sound seriously sweet

And the case doubles up as a charger too
03 August 2017 / 15:27BST

Jam isn’t something we’d normally recommend putting in your ears - it attracts wasps and makes everything sound funny - but for these wireless buds we’ll make an exception. With no cables or cords to speak of the Jam Ultras (£100) sit in your ears playing music for up to three hours before they need charging, at which point you just pop them back in their carrying case for a re-up. It can hold 10 full charges, or you can use it to juice your phone if that starts to get a bit low too. There’s a mic built-in for taking calls, plus they’re sweat resistant if you want to wear them while you workout. Stuck for something to listen to? How about Paul Weller’s band The Style Council? Who did you think we were going to suggest?