I-Box Century proves Alexa has a face for radio

Amazon's assistant adds AI smarts to this retro wireless
24 October 2018 / 16:36BST

Wouldn’t it be good if Alexa’s voice matched the vessel she inhabited? It would mean that instead of the vaguely utilitarian tone that emanates from your Amazon Echo, the voice that greeted you from the I-Box Century could sound like an old-timey radio announcer. That would suit the retro aesthetic of this Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless, which allows you to switch radio station using nothing more than the power of your voice. Unfortunately that’s not how Alexa works, so you’ll have to make do with her regular voice, but the 16W stereo sound and ability to connect up to eight of them together to make a multi-room system should make up for it. Pick one up in blue, cream or charcoal for £130.