Hi-res-ready SC-C30 shows Technics isn't just about turntables

Easy-on-the-eye wireless music system is heading this way in the autumn
16 May 2019 / 11:45BST

We know what you’re thinking: that’s a funny looking turntable. But just because Technics is most famous for its wheels of steel, doesn’t mean you can ignore its other wares. The SC-C30 is essentially a smaller version of its one-box SC-C50 wireless music system, although considering it still comes with five drivers – two 16mm tweeters, a pair of 6.5cm woofers and a 12cm subwoofer – and tips the scales at 5kg, it should still fill a room without any trouble. That’s helped by its Space Tune tech, which uses a built-in microphone to listen to its own performance and adjusts accordingly. It also works with Google Assistant, so you can send tunes to it from other Chromecast-compatible kit. There’s no pricing info yet but considering the SC-C50 comes in at £699, don’t expect it to be pocket money.