Geneva’s Touring/xS is a retro-modern Bluetooth speaker with big sound

Filling stockings in style
14 November 2017

The days are becoming shorter, the weather colder, and tech companies are firing out new Bluetooth speakers faster than Santa’s elves can pack them. Sure, Geneva Lab’s Touring/xS can’t boast built-in Alexa, but if you like your portable players to ooze retro style then look no further. Design-wise the box takes a few fashion tips from its predecessor the Touring S, a throwback DAB radio that arrived at the beginning of the summer. Built from aircraft grade aluminum and wrapped in premium eco leather, it’s a speaker you’ll want to have on show, while the two front-facing active drivers should do your Beach Boys playlist justice for a solid 20 hours. There’s also a 3.5mm jack if Bluetooth just feels too new-school. Grab one from December for £135.