Denon’s Heos AVR box promises proper wireless surround sound

Power cables aren’t wires though, right?
22 March 2017 / 18:00GMT

Seems like chest-high speakers, a lounge linguine of wiring and an fuse-blowing AV receiver aren’t hip any more. And yet, have you seen a child’s face light up as a surround sound effect whisks around them? No, neither have we, but in theory surround sound is awesome and should be encouraged. This latest addition to Denon’s HEOS wireless audio portfolio attempts to do just that. The £799 box has 4K-ready HDMI ports and physical speaker connections like a proper AV amp. But it’s app-controlled and you can, if you want, use HEOS wireless speakers for your 5.1 surround system. It’ll be expensive, and you’ll still find mains power for them, but just imagine the delighted face of our fictional, marketing child!