Cleer's new noise cancelling cans will block out 99.5 percent of ambient chatter

Go with the flow
12 June 2019 / 9:00BST

U.S. headphone maker Cleer has whipped the luxury velvet curtain off a new pair of high-end cans. The Flow Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones (£249) promise to deliver 'impeccable' high-resolution audio and fidelity thanks to patented 40mm ironless drivers that reduce distortion no matter how much you crank up the volume. They also utilize Cleer's patented Flow hybrid noise cancelling tech, which uses an ANC chip in each ear cup to suppress a broad range of environmental noise. In fact, the Cleer's are apparently capable of tuning out around 99.5 percent of ambient chatter, letting you listen to your favourite tracks without so much as a peep from the outside world.