Bwitbee combines a pillow and speaker, so you can listen to music in comfort

Rest your head
29 July 2019 / 15:36BST

Listening to music can be relaxing – but also sometimes uncomfortable. Even the best cans or earbuds eventually make your ears yell ENOUGH. When that moment comes, it’s time to break out Bwitbee (about £29). This wearable combines loudspeakers with a neck pillow. With its innards largely comprising memory cotton, Bwitbee aims to bring comfort to your noggin. The directional ‘horn’ blasts audio into your ears, while the pillow’s insulation largely masks it from others. Beyond that, there’s a multi-purpose button for play/pause and answering calls, a magnetic charger port, and the merciful knowledge that if Bwitbee gets a bit whiffy through you using it after one too many headbanging sessions, the outer ‘jacket’ can be removed and bunged in the washing machine.