Bossa’s Moonraker speaker is an audiophile’s retro dream

Spherical for audio superiority (and design kudos)
14 July 2017 / 12:01BST

Build yourself a fancy pad atop the nearest tower and you’ll doubtless want something stylish and sweet-sounding to fling your FLAC files at. Unless you’re a fan of boxy stuff (shiny as it might be), your options are limited for speakers that are kind to the eyes and the ears. Buy this wireless Moonraker orb from Bossa (US$2399 for a two-speaker system), though, and you’ll get the double. Designed as a thick polymer sphere for better audio quality (eliminating all kinds of bad resonances), it also happens to look the business thanks to a high-end build that wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond villain’s listening room.