Bose goes back to basics with its more affordable soundbar

Daytime TV never sounded so good
6 days ago

If you’re struggling to drown out your partner’s unending Zoom meetings with infinite reruns of A Place In The Sun, the Bose TV Speaker could be the wallet-friendly answer to your lockdown woes. Bose’s smallest and cheapest model to date, the TV Speaker is a substantial upgrade from your TV’s stock speakers, with a dedicated dialogue mode for clearer audio and a bass button for added punch when needed. In theory, this means you should now be able to actually understand what people are saying, rather than subjecting your ears to nonsensical Hollywood mumbling. When not watching movies, it doubles up as a bluetooth speaker, with an optional subwoofer to feed your insatiable hunger for more bass. At £240 it won’t break the bank and its compact dimensions make it ideal for tight spaces, making it a solid upgrade to your living room arsenal.