B&O's upgraded flagship headphones pack a bigger battery and voice assistant tech

More playtime, less problems
17 May 2019 / 10:40BST

B&O's flagship BeoPlay H9 (£450) wireless cans have been given a tasty upgrade, and like the finest piece of steak money can buy, they're now juicier then ever. The latest generation of the stunning headphones have been imbued with voice assistant technology, letting you harness the power of artificial intelligence on a mere whim. They also come with a hearty 25 hours of play time (seven hours more than the previous edition), advanced active noice cancelling tech, and easy-to-use touch controls that let you tap and swipe a single button to answer calls, skip tracks, and adjust your volume. Fancy tech aside, the H9 look every bit as stunning as you'd expect, with B&O using high-end materials like anodised aluminium and soft lambskin to ensure its premium cans wouldn't look out of place on a catwalk.