B&O has updated its Beoplay H4 headphones with voice assistant support, USB-C charging, and more mics

Back with a bang
25 October 2019 / 11:27BST

Bang & Olufen has updated its headphone range with the second-generation version of its Beoplay H4 wirlesss bluetooth headphones. The new H4's offer a number of improvements on the original over-ears, including a USB-C charging port, an extra microphon for better voice antics, a more streamlined design that hides the headphone cord and makes the stylish aluminium caps more prominent, and voice assistant support via a dedicated button that'll let you request news, weather reports, or your favourite songs with a quick push. Despite those notable tweaks, the £250 price tag hasn't changed, meaning the H4's are still well worth considering if you're after a pair of premium cans that won't leave you praying for your next payday.