Beatbox is a DIY cardboard MIDI controller kit made for beginners and pros alike

And the beat goes on...
16 September 2019 / 19:42BST

Affordable DIY music machines have become all the rage of late, and there's another one doing the rounds that goes by the name of Beatbox ($129). Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, Beatbox is an all-in-one cardboard MIDI controller drum machine kit that can be used to create wicked beats on the fly or combined with other devices as part of a more complex studio setup. The entire kit is built using quick connections and screws, which means it should be a doddle for even the most inexperienced DIY-er, and comes bundled with all the free software needed to start making music. A built in battery and two speakers also mean the Beatbox can be used for live performances at the drop of a hat, assuming you're ready to share your genius with the world.