Seven ways your junk became art

Don’t be precious with your gadget relics. Artists and designers are turning obsolete tech into objects you’ll want to own

The tech hipster home is a peculiar thing - half retro, half future and all carefully curated. Electric guitar hung on the wall for show? Check. Vintage games console? Check. Stackable Tetris lamp? It’s a modern classic.

Because the days of gadgets with quirky buttons, odd, tactile shapes and LEDs in all the wrong places seem to be coming to an end. Everything manufacturers are spitting out now is a black rectangle - phone, tablet, console, TV, soundbar, speaker. Sure, you can get different colours but if you really want to pay homage to the late greats of the Gadget Hall of Fame there’s only one way to do it. Find a spot in your home for re-workings of old masterpieces.

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1) The humble Floppy Disk

If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to have stacked in the loft, it’s floppy disks: your head says throw but your heart says no. Get hold of one again and memories of dial-up modem sounds and forgotten 90s' text adventure games come flooding back.

Keep the dream alive with floppy disk notebooks - buy them from as little as £3.50 from eBay and Etsy or make your own with help from Instructables and some rubber bands. Forgotten how to write with a pen? Inventive bloggers have created Floppy Coasters and designers from the DIY blog Brit & Co have even turned floppy disks into colourful plant pots. It’s what tech hipster balconies have been crying out for.

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