Lottery winner? You can now buy your own IMAX home cinema

IMAX is now offering an IMAX Private Home Theatre installation at your mansion – if you’ve got US$2 million to spare

As next-gen IMAX cinemas get fluorescent-displaying laser projectors and overhead sound, your can now equip your home with IMAX – if you're a multimillionaire.

The IMAX Private Home Theatre – which is being installed for the first time in a movie star’s house next month – will set you back a cool US$2 million. IMAX engineers will setup laser-aligned surround sound and dual 4K projectors in your cinema room. Using hidden microphones and light sensors the data-monitoring centre engineers can track the system’s functionality daily for consistent perfection.

US$2 million a bit too steep? IMAX CTO Brian Bonnick tells Stuff that they may release a more affordable version in the future. We’re buying all the Lottery tickets right now.