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The best OnePlus 6 deals

Unbelievable deals on one of the hottest smartphones on the planet

If you want to stand apart from the hordes of Android and Apple fanboys, look no further than OnePlus.

Over the last few years, it’s built a name for itself as the phone company for those looking for something a little different. While Apple and Google have been happy to pump out (admittedly very useful) updates on both the software and hardware sides, OnePlus has been ploughing its own furrow, thanks to a combination of brash marketing and unbelievably capable handsets that don’t cost much cash.

The OnePlus 6 is the culmination of this. It boasts a stunning AMOLED screen, superfast performance and dual camera set-up, yet somehow manages to cost less than £500. That’s not cheap. But it’s a hell of a lot more affordable than an Apple or Android flagship.

Want one? This is where it’s at. We’ve hunted out the best deals, and will update this page as more become available. Bookmark it, and check back often.

The best One Plus 6 64GB deals: £47/m w/ 30GB

SIM free

Get the OnePlus 6 (64GB) SIM free here for £469


O2 is the only UK network currently offering the 64GB model OnePlus 6. Here are its best deals.

Low monthly spend

If you can find £89.99 to cover the upfront cost, 4GB of data will only set you back £37 a month.


Big data

£47 a month and £79.99 upfront gets you a crazy 30GB monthly data allowance, plus unlimited calls and texts.


The best OnePlus 128GB deals: £39/m w/ 4GB