The best instant photography cameras - reviewed

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 (£110)

What's the story?

The trouble with most instant cameras is the pictures they take are just too small. Not so the Fujifilm Instax Wide, which spits out 86x108mm images which are twice the size of standard Instax.

The camera is about twice the size too, so it’s never going to be any good for candid shots, but it comes into its own at a party. There’s an automatic flash with a fill-in mode - great for capturing gurning faces in dimly lit rooms - and you can choose from two focus ranges to make it easier for the Wide 300 to lock on. There’s even a clip-on lens for selfies.

The Instax 300 uses Instax Wide film, which is slightly more expensive than standard Instax, at around £1.25 per print if you buy a pack of 10, although the cost comes down as you buy in bulk. But on the plus side, the camera runs on AA batteries, meaning you’re unlikely to find it’s juice-less just when you need it.