Ground Force: the best gardening tech

Here are the best pieces of gardening tech – so good they’ll make Alan Titchmarsh blush.

As things begin to heat up, we’re all going to be spending a bit more time outdoors. 

For many of us that will mean some grand walks around the park, probably listening to your favourite podcasts while you do so (here are our recommendations). But for those who are lucky to have their own back garden or a balcony packed with flowers and plants, now is the perfect time to make the most of it! 

But wait, before you resign to gardening simply being a boring affair of trowels and back-breaking repetition, there are a few ways to improve it all – thanks to gadgets (something we know a thing or two about). 

So, ditch the dusting bellow and sack off the seedling watering can, here are the best pieces of gardening tech to bring your own slice of outdoor bliss forward into this century. 

WiFi in the garden

Find yourself falling out of the range of your home internet down the back of the garden? It’s a common problem, normally fixed by most via just switching to your mobile data. Most of you will be able to just switch your phone to a hotspot, circumventing this issue.  

But if you’ve got power running to a garage or shed further down the lawn and want to work on a project that requires a steady connection, Amazon’s eero mesh WiFi system is a good way to go. The 3-pack system guarantees up to 460 square metres of coverage – sure to cover most gardens! 

Get the Amazon eero mesh WiFi system (3-pack) here for £186 

Minimal-effort gardening

Mowing the lawn – it can be a proper pain. Getting the kit out, the repetitive labour, awkwardly trying to keep cables out the way of the blades (and petrol ones, while they remove the cable, are ironically terrible for the natural world’s climate that you’re contributing to with your garden). 

Instead, how about you let a robot do the hard work? Flymo have you covered with the 1200R. Set a schedule for the mower to leave its charging station, and on its 60-minute battery life, it will get to work on an up to 400 metre square range. 

Get the Flymo 1200R Robot Lawn Mover here for £549 

And for the edges that the lawn mower can’t get into - maybe up next to the fence or something – get yourself a grass trimmer. 

Get the Flymo Contour 650E Grass Trimmer here for £75 

Time to plant

This bit is very much to the individual. I’m going to speak from the knowledge that I have – the garden is shared, so can’t really do much out there, but with a small space on a balcony, we can sort some planters. 

Been enjoying geometric patterns recently, so these for the wall and this small terrarium are two great places to start. If you want something a little more universal for soil plants, Sass & Belle’s planter is a favourite of mine.  

What about herbs? Good on you for growing your own – get this one. And if you’re on the hunt for something a little more nerdy, this Groot planter is pretty cute! 

Let me entertain you (in the garden)

Because a phone in a cup is too quiet and earphones aren’t exactly social listening, you should grab yourself an outdoor speaker. There are plenty of options, but we’ve narrowed it down to three. 

Let’s start with Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM – sporting 360 sound in a portable, waterproof package, at just £89.99. This is ideal for taking the party literally anywhere – not just the garden but the park. 

Want to give the sound quality an upgrade while not losing too much of the portability? Bose SoundLink Revolve + is the way to go for £219.95.  

And finally, if you want something a bit more fitted and fixed in at the home, Polk Audio’s Atrium 4 make for a great pair of outdoor speakers.