7 things you need to know about the Sky Soundbox

Out to give your TV sound a helping hand

Good TV really should be backed up by good sound. The biggest problem? Most modern TVs don’t sound all that great.

Enter Sky’s Soundbox – an all-in-one sound system aiming to do for sound what UHD channels have done for picture – putting the audio-focused cherry on top of Sky’s viewing experience in the process.

But what is it, and why should you consider it over any other soundbar or soundbase? Keep reading to find out.

1) It comes from good stock

Sky is in the business of making good telly, not soundbars. That’s why it has teamed with high-end audio brand Devialet – a brand more used to price tags in their thousands rather than the hundreds – to make sure the Soundbox sounds top notch. It makes use of audio smarts borrowed from the £5000 Expert Pro amplifier and £1500 Phantom wireless speaker, which certainly bodes well for giving your TV sound a shake up.

2) There’s a lot going on in there

Behind the Soundbox’s grilles there is a medley of drivers working together to make big improvements to your TV’s sound. Six 7.5cm woofers are set up in a “push-push configuration”, which basically means you’ll get deep, airy bass from its closed cabinet – no sub required. There are also three 5cm full-range drivers set up around 120°, carefully aimed to bounce sound off your walls for a more immersive experience.

3) That means it's pretty chunky

The Soundbox has a clever name, because it sits in the somewhat unchartered territory between a soundbar and soundbase. At 9.5cm tall, your TV might look a little daft just plonked on top of it, but its deep boxy shape isn’t exactly conducive to sitting in front of it either. You’d better clear a shelf on your TV stand, then, because this is going to need it.

4) Sky Q customers will get more from it

The Sky Soundbox will work with any TV setup you have, but when paired with Sky Q, it unlocks exclusive sound modes designed by Devialet, called Sky Q Sound. This will automatically refine the audio it delivers depending on the channel you’re watching, meaning it might boost bass for movies but push dialogue to the front for sports. Not got Sky Q? You’ll still have some EQ settings to play with, but you’ll need to dive into the menus to find them yourself. 

5) It’s not just for your TV

While the Soundbox is all about making your TV sound good, let’s not forget that this can double up as a pretty beefy speaker for music too. There’s built-in Bluetooth 4.1 for easy streaming from your phone or tablet, plus Sky Q users will also get AirPlay as an option too. House party, anyone?

6) It won’t support Atmos... but Sky Q will

The Soundbox got its big unveil alongside the news that Dolby Atmos was coming to Sky Q (and 124 live Premier League matches) via a free firmware update at the end of the summer. Unlike Atmos-packing soundbars from the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony, the Soundbox won’t support that, but it does play nice with Dolby Digital+ via its HDMI port.