5 things we wish the Nintendo Switch did

Even Breath of the Wild can’t hide the Switch’s missing links

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a piece of tech genius. With its hot-swapping skills, Nintendo has delivered in the Switch a games machine that'll do as both a TV plug-in and a proper portable.

It's not without its faults, though. In fact, it's a fair few features away from console perfection.

That said, it's never too late for Nintendo to make improvements: thanks to the magic of software updates, there's every chance we'll see the Switch become a much more rounded console.

Where should Ninty start? Here are the features we're hoping to see on the Switch within the next year.

Video streaming

It’s no disaster that the Switch hasn’t got Netflix. After all, your telly probably has the streaming service’s app already.

But it’s also likely that your Switch’s 6.2in screen is bigger than the one on your smartphone, so it would be darn handy if you could watch the likes of Stranger Things on your new Ninty device - unless you fancy slinging an iPad alongside it in your satchel.

Thankfully, it’s rumoured that Netflix might arrive in a future update - something backed up by one of the Switch’s current menu options: “Disable Auto-Sleep While Playing Media Content”. When that day comes, there'll be absolutely nothing to interrupt your 24-hour Netflix binge - except, you know, the lack of mobile data on the Switch.

Integrated voice chat

Currently, there's no way to chat with your pals through the Switch. What’s the point in online multiplayer when you can’t insult your opponent’s mother?

The good news is that Nintendo has reassured Switch users that it'll introduce voice chat in the future. The bad news? It'll only work through a smartphone app.

Doesn't Nintendo know that our smartphones already have a feature that enables us to chat with our friends? You don’t even need to download an app.

In fact, Nintendo really needs to give the online services of the Switch an overhaul, which is said to be happening in Autumn. Getting rid of the awful friend codes would be good start.

Trophies and Achievements

Trophies and achievements don’t dramatically improve games, but in introducing mini-challenges you’re gifted an extra incentive to search for all those collectibles and spend more time exploring an expansive open world.

Given the feature’s popularity, we’re quite astounded that the concept has yet to make it to a Nintendo system.

PlayStation and Xbox have been doing it for years, and it’s such a simple idea that it’s difficult to understand why Nintendo have been reluctant to implement it - particularly given the company's commitment to addictive playability.

Browse the web

Nobody uses their console to browse the internet. Using a gamepad to navigate the web is like using a fork to eat soup. Since the Switch is portable and has a touchscreen, though, it stands to reason that it might make a decent tablet substitute. It would certainly be cost effective, since the iPad Mini 4 costs even more than Nintendo’s new console.

Sure, you wouldn’t be able to hail an Uber or play Clash Royale, but you should still be able to scour social media and do a Google search to settle an argument - provided you had a Wi-Fi connection.

The Switch certainly seems like the most appropriate games console for browsing the web, so it’s all the more peculiar that it’s one of the few that lacks that capability. Evidence suggests that a browser exists on the Switch - but only for the purpose of connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots. How strange.

GameCube Virtual Console

Nintendo’s biggest strength over its competitors is its history. Without wishing to come over like the committed fan of a washed-up footie team, Ninty's past is actually very useful. Why? Because of the Virtual Console.

Owners of the Wii and Wii U had access to classic games such as Super Mario Bros. and Super Metroid, which still hold up as great games even in 2017. The Switch is also likely to use the Virtual Console once its online service is officially launched in autumn, but we’re hoping for something extra this time.

We've heard rumours that GameCube games will be included in the Switch Virtual Console’s library. That would mean the possibility of playing the likes of Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine on a portable. Besides significantly expanding the Switch’s game catalogue - something that it desperately needs - it would also give Ninty the power of nostalgia. Here's hoping.