Some gadgets tread a fine line between genius and insanity, and this £14,500 solid-maple foosball table certainly fits in this category. It pits a dream-team of do-gooders (God, Santa, Ghandi, Francis of Assisi) against the ultimate first XI of murderous maniacs, including Lucifer, Hitler, Pol Pot and Jack the Ripper.

Ghandi shoots, Ghandi scores!

The team behind this masterpiece gave up well paid jobs in the city to pursue their dream of bespoke foosball tables, and now spend 400 hours crafting each one. The pitch is etched glass, the elegant legs stainless steel – it's less a gadget, more a work of art.

As you'd expect it plays beautifully – there can be no excuses about the pitch 'having a bit of a gradient' or the handles being 'a bit sticky'. The precision handles spin so smoothly they could be air-cushioned. There are even differently weighted balls according to your style of play.

It’s all in the detail

In fact, it’s jam-packed with loving touches – you can control the ‘under-soil’ lighting via a dimmer switch, the storage compartments for spare players have a touch-sensitive mechanism and a spirit level tells you if the table is level.

Of course, you could snag a good-quality table like the Le Stadium Babyfoot ( for £1,250 – but it's not bespoke. Eleven Forty, on the other hand, can scan your face and turn you into one of the players. Well, how else are you going to get to play against Hitler?

Stuff says... 

Eleven Forty Good Vs Evil review

A stunning piece or craftsmanship that kicks the rickety table in our local into touch. But then, given the price, it should do