With a reputation for churning out dull-as-dust office PCs and a separate company – Alienware – dedicated to serving performance nutters, you might not expect Dell to bother with high-powered systems. However, the XPS range has proved that it can do objects of desire as well and the H2C sits at the top of it.

Audio comes care of Creative’s well-regarded X-Fi Xtreme, which beefs up audio quality in games and movies, and it’s well-equipped for your array of gadgets. A 13-in-1 card reader on the front takes care of digital camera memory cards, and there’s also a FireWire connection and two USB ports – the remaining six being hidden round the back.



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Dell XPS 710 H2C review

One of the most powerful PCs you can get off the peg, it’ll handle absolutely anything you throw at it

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