Eight megapixels for the price of six? It’s a good start, and the box contents follow it up with a house packed full of accessories. Battery, charger, cables and a software kit that includes a good RAW file conversion app – it’s all here.

Unfortunately, the 350D is slightly less impressive when you use it in anger. The 8MP sensor doesn’t give any useful advantage – in fact, shots sometimes have a slightly woolly look.

It’s also a bit too small for the average man hand, and it lags behind the competition with exposure metering (there’s no spot mode). OK, so it has faster start-up and continuous shooting than the old 300D but sadly that’s not saying a great deal.

The Canon EOS 350D may be good for the money, but its shortcomings will nag at you like an old fishwife

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Canon EOS 350D review

A good camera at the price, but perhaps not as great as you thought it was going to be. Its shortcomings will nag at you like an old fishwife

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