You have to hand it to Bose - they'd spot a good market even if you wrapped it in a blanket and buried it 500ft underground. The American company was among the first to get an iPod dock on the shelves, and had been glad it did ever since.

There's nothing tatty or cheap about the SoundDock – it’s simple, clean, subtle and stylish. But that’s Bose’s raison d’être. And we can’t take our eyes off it, either.

Luckily for Bose, the polished sound matches the sophisticated looks. Pick an equally refined performer, in this case Kate Bush, and the Bose delivers a wonderfully musical presentation. It carefully presents Kashka From Baghdad complete with delicate piano and intricate percussion.

The machine can rock, too. However, this Bose does not scale fanatical party levels, bottoming out before delivery equals the best of its rivals, but it compensates by filling a room well.

Add an auxiliary input, trim the price, and you could describe it as one of the best docks on the market.

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Bose SoundDock review

The SoundDock gives a great performance – along with a compact size and fantastic looks.